IV Drip Cafes emerge as Japanese salaryman jumper cables

We've all heard of oxygen bars springing up designed to increase your health, but Japan has once again upped the ante on such trends by introducing IV drip cafes. Tenteki10, located in the swank area of Ebisu, Tokyo, offers customers a walk-in service that features IV drips starting at 2,000 yen ($20). The service is meant to provide a skin care boost, act as an anti-aging remedy and alleviate stress and exhaustion. Administered by on-site nurses, this could be the perfect way for hypochondriac, futurist, medical fetishists (yes, that is a real sub-culture) to get their fix in one shot. If you happen to be in the Tokyo area, and decide to forsake your Red Bull habit, you can find out more about the IV drip cafe here.

Via Japan Today