Introducing SCI FI's new gaming blog, Fidgit

We're pretty excited here at DVICE today. No, it's not because of that hot nixie clock (though it's pretty sexy) — today's the day we welcome a new member to the SCI FI blogging family, Fidgit. What's Fidgit? It's our sister gaming blog, of course. We'll let Fidgit editor Tom Chick give you the 411:

Whether it's the latest news, the newest games, or the games you never got around to playing, it's all fair game for Fidgit. We write about stuff that goes beyond the latest press releases, and we're not afraid of stuff that's been out for a month or two, or even a year. You might even read about X-Com, The Dig, or Nethack over here.

We're simple, we're not too Flashy, and we get to the point. We're a bit more than a blog, but something simpler than a sprawling site. And most importantly, we're hands on. So drop in when you get some spare time during your day. See what we're playing and let us tell you what we've found.

Sounds good, Tom! And welcome to the family. We're looking forward to Fidgit taking gaming news to the next level. Get it? Next level?

Uh… check out Fidgit.