Hot Dog Rotisserie cooks up braised tube steaks the right way

Since a lot of our dietary choices consist of foods you’d find at a baseball stadium, you can understand why we’re excited about this Hot Dog Rotisserie by junk cookery purveyor Giles & Posner. It doesn’t have the multi-dog efficiency of the 4-in-1 Hot Dog Maker, the toaster-like look or goofy name of the Hot Diggety Dogger, nor does it sport the dog-eatin’ implications or obnoxious noise of the Barking Hot Dog Cooker.

But hey, this $59 appliance cooks those pups the same way it’s done at the ballpark, with hot rollers, and it’ll warm up your buns at the same time. There’s a 30-minute timer to keep you from burning the house down, and you can let those dogs stay warm while they roll along, too. Now if somebody could just not remind us of what’s actually mixed into these braised tube steaks, we’d keep thinking we were partaking of some rare gourmet delight.

Prezzy Box, via 7 Gadgets