High-tech meets high style: Italian designer puts LEDs in furniture

Outside of cool lamps, the idea of light-up furniture sounds pretty lame on paper. But then we saw Stardust, a product from Italian furniture company Meritalia, and got convinced. The glow of the low-voltage LEDs built into these sofas, pillows, armchairs and footstools is subtle enough so it doesn't overpower you, yet unusual enough to guarantee the room a unique look. The overall effect probably gives you the feeling the furniture is alive. If you can get past that slight creep factor, designer Mario Bellini's creation would undoubtedly raise your living room's cool factor.

Extra bonus: The furniture is extremely lightweight thanks to the materials, said to be based on packing material (though presumably more comfortable). The Meritalia site says most people can lift the armchair with one hand.

Extra extra bonus: It's also waterproof. Since the covering is airtight, Stardust will float on water. Perfect for that evening pool party.

Via Meritalia