Grilling Tool Light doesn't realize how much more it could be

The Grilling Tool Light sells itself as an aid for late night grilling. It's a light, powered by three LEDs, mounted on a powerful magnet that you can easily snap to your metal tools, so you can take those patties off before they're charred carbon bricks.

So if you're wont to grill at beach luaus or sneak in a midnight burger, the light sounds pretty useful. But wait, are its uses really limited to grilling? With a powerful magnet and a bendable neck, you could put one of these anywhere you could a magnet. Toss it on a fridge, a work bench, a robot, or wherever your nocturnal activities need a little illumination.

At only $15 for the light, you may want to give it a try — either for grilling, or for more creative uses.

Solutions, via Everything below $29.99, via Techie Diva