Gorgeous LED Home Theater is any color you want it to be

Got a spare rec room you're not using? And over $250,000 to burn through? Awesome, maybe you could pay someone to set you up an entertainment center as nice as the LED Home Theater.

In a stunning display of how a little LED lighting can go a long way, the viewer can select what color the theater is and enjoy whatever movie they're watching awash in a colorful, ambient glow. The rest of the setup is just as impressive, with a roomy recessed screen, a hidden wall unit with a DVD player and video gaming consoles, and a Crestron control system.

It even has a mock concession stand with mini-fridge full of candy, and a bar with a stylish brushed aluminum counter top containing a microwave and a refrigerator. There's really no reason to go to the theater ever again.

Check out the gallery below for more shots of this gorgeous LED-lit home theater.

Via djrockout's Flickr page