Fear the Cylon Dishwasher

Would you trust a robot to do the dishes? Is a dishwasher technically already a robot? Would artificial intelligence make it better at its job, or just annoying? While these questions aren't addressed in Battlestar Galactica, the show, they are brought to the forefront in Battlestar Galactica, the contest — our own Make a Cylon Contest that we kicked off a little bit ago, in fact.

We asked enterprising fans of the show to create their own Cylons (a dangerous proposition we know, but we don't play it safe here at DVICE), and being artificial beings, they can take any form, including this enhanced household appliance here. Check out the cleverly edited vid, and hit the Continue jump for the cutest Cylon Raider we've ever seen, along with a gallery of some of the submissions so far.

Look for more updates — and prizes for the best creations — in the coming weeks. Keep those submissions coming, people! …and other lifeforms.