E Ink announces smaller, flexible screens for entirely new devices

Check out this new key fob from Delphi, using E Ink and destined for a futuristic auto near you. Using the same E Ink tech in the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader but 40 percent thinner and on a smaller scale, it sips power, digitally painting images on a screen without continuously using energy. This key fob is an example of what can be done with E Ink’s next-generation segmented display cells (SDC), thinner and flexible enough to bend around curved devices.

This groundbreaking gadget will wirelessly communicate with your car, telling you from a distance if you need gas, giving you remote starting capabilities, letting you adjust your car's climate control, and even helping you find that vehicle in a vast, crowded parking lot. Its E Ink allows this handy little bauble to go a long time without a battery charge. Best of all, the company says mass production will keep the price low. Whoa.

E Ink, via Business Wire