DVICE TV vs. The Dark Knight roller coaster

Holy colossal marketing tie-ins, Batman! When we heard Six Flags Great Adventure was creating a completely indoor souped-up roller coaster tied into the coming release of the The Dark Knight movie this summer, we knew we just had to check it out. Before the ride opened to the public on Friday, the DVICE TV crew took off to New Jersey to get the full tour.

Exploring "Gotham," our intrepid roving reporter Vanessa Rae ascended ladders and traversed catwalks — a thrilling experience comparable to the ride itself. She also got to be one of the first to go on what may be the only roller coaster to ever feature face-detecting software. How does that help? And is the Dark Knight coaster a fun ride, or is it too serious? Stop riddling us with questions — just hit play on the Bat-Video Player above.