DVICE TV: How NOT to land a date with a solar backpack

There are plenty of reasons to go green — it's trendy, it's good for the planet, it makes you feel better — but is it possible being eco-friendly makes you hotter? Vanessa explores the idea of going "eco-sexy" with some green portables, including a hand-crank charger, a handheld wind turbine and, the emerald aphrodisiac, a backpack with a solar panel.

The fun part: By chance, Vanessa meets a guy with the same pack in the wilds of Manhattan. What follows has got to be one of the most notorious missed opportunities in the history of pickups. Let this be a lesson to you, guys: If a cute girl comes up to talk to you about your gadgets, try not to act like an uninterested dork like the guy in this vid, 'mkay? (Yes, we know he's hitched, but still....)