Docomo rushes new 3G models out to beat iPhone stampede

We're not sure if this is a twisted marketing move or just bad timing, but Docomo has unveiled 19 new cell phone models and none of them are the eagerly anticipated iPhone. Rumors have been swirling recently that Korea and Japan would finally get the iPhone, and Docomo's name is usually at the top of the list in terms of potential 3G network carriers. But with just days to go before Apple's Steve Jobs unleashes the next iPhone, Docomo has not only been mum on the topic, but they now offer us a new set of feature-rich, but ultimately unremarkably designed new 906i and 706i series cell phones.

Nevertheless, Docomo rarely disappoints in the functionality department. The phones offer 3G/GSM international roaming, 1-Seg mobile TV, voice-to-text translation for Chinese, English and Japanese, and can be used to make credit card payments on the go. Nice, but we're still waiting for that juicy "iPhone in Japan" announcement.

Via NTT Docomo