DIY Munny Speakers: I melt your face because I love (the new) you

Got a custom vinyl doll you love? Ed Lewis, also know as Fungus Amungus over at Instructables, certainly does. Here's where your love and his love are probably different: he melted its face off and put a speaker there.

The figurine used by Lewis is a Munny doll from the vinyl miniature creators over at Kidrobot. Despite vinyl being hard to cut through, he has a sweet tip: heat it up with a blow dryer or a heat gun and then your average utility knife will slice through with ease. For the speakers, Lewis went with a pair of 3" Tang Band bamboo fiber cones that would fit comfortably in the Munny doll's spherical head.

The sky's the limit, folks. Raid your baby cousin's room for her Barbies, bust out that old box of stuffed animals, steal your neighbor's dolly — there's amazing untapped potential here.

Check out the gallery below for the different steps your poor Munny figurine will go through, or head over to Ed Lewis's DIY project.

Instructables, via Yanko Design