Digifire, clean-burning fireplaces for the 22nd century

Okay, fellow firebugs, here’s the epitome of fireplace tech. Digifire uses continuously-fed ethanol for a clean-burning fireplace, and these babies are so steeped in forward design, they could be right at home on the set of a science fiction movie. We've seen a few fireplaces similar to this before, but this takes the idea a few steps beyond.

The fireplace collection uses a kind of highly refined ethanol called Fanola that burns so cleanly, there’s no chimney required. Only a bit of steam and carbon dioxide are released, in the same proportion as air exhaled by humans. It can burn for 13-25 hours on a load of this special fuel.

Each of these artistic fireplaces is activated by a remote control, letting you light or extinguish the flames from afar. Wait ’til you see the designs, with one called Orbit that looks like a circular altar to the fire gods, the Hot Chocolate coffee table with fire billowing out the middle, and Ribbon Fire that looks just like it sounds. Check out the gallery for some of the variations.

Via Digifire