Cybernetic plants provide their own sunlight

Houseplants not your thing? You still might want to take a look at the work of Ryan Wolfe, which merges technology and plants in ways that are both thought-provoking and… well, pretty cool-looking. One project, called "Study for Lit from Within" (above left) surgically implants LEDs inside wall-hanging plants so they can survive in total darkness by photosynthesizing the artificial light. The LEDs are even programmed to dim and brighten to simulate sunrise and sunset. One gets the feeling that if the Cylons made plants, they'd look like this.

"Study" is featured at the Dam, Stuhltrager gallery in Brooklyn, New York, along with another piece of Wolfe's work, "Branching System" (above right), which mixes leaves, butterfly movements and chaos theory. Sounds fierce.

Ryan Wolfe, via Cool Hunting