Continuum Ubicycle: take the bike to work today

The Ubicycle public bicycle service system by design firm Continuum (who worked on the Hundred Dollar Laptop project) will give commuters a new way to get around town. The unmanned bike rental kiosks are topped with solar panels for power, and use RFID-embedded Smart cards for tracking and security. The distinct look and green color of the bikes will also make them easy to spot on the street, so they'll be harder for thieves to sell or ride around on freely.

Continuum also understands a valuable method in helping the bikes become more viable: letting people use public transportation cards to rent them. So if you can use a card to ride a city bus, you could also take a bike if you want. Kiosks throughout the city would allow you to rent at one location, and drop it off close to your destination.

Check out the gallery below for more details on the Ubicycle public bicycle service system.

Continuum, via Future Gadgets