Concept Mobile Touchscreen Tablet would explain everything the eye can see

As technologies like Google Earth and the experimental iPhone Earth application change the way we view our reality, it's time for a ground breaking device to match all the data at our disposal. Japanese concept designer Mac Funamizu has come up with an incredible idea for a gadget that does just that. The thin, touchscreen device would come with a built-in camera, scanner, WiFi, Google Maps and search.

You would also be able to hold the device up to any number of areas, buildings, and objects (for example, a newspaper) and instantly receive information related to what you see in the viewfinder. Simply put, this would indeed be the uber-gadget that would transform life on Earth in short order. The technical hurdles are there, but we've already made enough progress to think that such a device can and will be in our hands in the next 30 years.

Via Petitinvention