Bug Bat lets you make like Roger Federer as you zap those pesky insects

In the arsenal of devices to get rid of pesky mosquitoes and flies, two of the most effective are the electric bug zapper, and the good old fashioned fly swatter. The problem is that the bug zapper relies on the insect flying into it, so it's really most effective after dark when its light attracts the prey, while fly swatters require a good thwack against a hard surface.

The Bug Bat spins these two time tested methods into one killer device, which is essentially a battery powered hand held bug zapper that lets you practice your forehand as you swat those flies. Selling for about 12 bucks from vendors like Amazon, I would stock up now before some poor kid gets zapped and the safety nannies want to have them banned.

Gizmag, via Coolest gadgets