BrushBots are double wide BristleBots for painting

What's not to love about a BristleBot, the motor-run toothbrush head recently invented by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories? The tiny invention was such a big hit that the design has caught on all over the world. The latest addition to BristleBot mania is the BrushBot, a project designed by Christian Cerrito.

The BrushBot uses two toothbrush heads instead of one, and a larger, rechargeable battery. It's meant to be used for painting projects, and from what we saw when we checked these 'bots out, kids love them. But they're not just for children. Cerrito notes that lots of people are intimidated about picking up a paintbrush or pen to make art. His hope is that the BrushBot will "help people get over their inhibitions about art-making." As you can see from some of the results below, using BrushBots as a first foray into painting may not be a bad idea.

via Christian Cerrito