Brightdoor glowing red? It's a lockdown!

Typically, a Do Not Enter sign or symbol is enough to deter folks from trying to enter a room. But what about people who don’t read English? Or who grew up in the wilds of Alaska and don't understand the concept of signage? Or are too mind-numbingly drunk to notice anything other than the bottle of scotch it their hand? That's when you want the Brightdoor.

Clearly conceived by someone who's interested in designing sci-fi movie sets, the Brightdoor contains one massive light that changes from a welcoming green when it's open to a stop-right-there-cowboy red upon locking. It's essentially the same concept of the color-changing Brighthandle, just door-sized. Even though it's occasionally colored green, lighting up an entire door just to tell people it's locked probably isn't the most eco-friendly indicator considering the power it would need — save it for those really high-risk security zones, like that reactor room in your basement.

Via Lervik Design