Braille watch keeps the blind on time, accessorized

How would you tell time if you were blind? I mean, aside from implanting cybernetic eyes so you could look at a clock. Right, exactly — you'd get yourself a Braille watch. Conceived by David Chavez, the Haptica Braille watch lets the visually impaired check the time without relying on someone (or something) telling it to them.

The great thing about Chavez's design (sadly just a concept at the moment) is that it doesn't rely on any pie-in-the-sky technology or radical ideas — the Braille dots are on tiny disks that are positioned so only half the disk shows, with the other half covered. As the seconds, minutes and hours tick by, the disks slowly rotate, changing the dot pattern. Overall it's a great idea, not to mention pretty classy looking. We hope it becomes a reality soon.

Tuvie, via Medlaunches