BlackBerry Bold 9000 boasts 3G, true GPS before the iPhone

CrackBerry addicts will be able to get their fix in a major way with Research In Motion's upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9000, and the company knows that the iPhone is the big boy to beat. With that in mind, it's 3G-ready, comes with hardware that takes advantage of the fastest versions of the global EDGE network (the same network the iPhone uses), supports wireless connectivity and has powerful GPS options built-in. The iPhone competitor even looks quite a bit like a thicker, shorter version of its nemesis and has a glass screen. It won't have the iPhone's virtual keyboard, opting instead for its usual tactile keypad.

Typically, it's your average corporate power user who is interested in a BlackBerry, but the Bold will have a few added frills to stay competitive, such as the ability to play streaming video and a gigabyte of onboard storage for music and other files.

Pricing for the Bold is still being worked out, but expect more details as we approach its summer release.

Via Computer World