Astrodea Celestial Watch puts the universe right at your wrist

The stainless steel Astrodea Celestial Watch is the perfect gift for anyone with an interest in astronomy or for the captain of a starship. Designed by Hideo Uehara for watchmakers (among other things) Citizen Japan, the Celestial Watch's blue star map rotates in real-time, accurately displaying 1,109 stars and 169 galaxies: 90% of what's visible from the Northern Hemisphere. It comes packaged with a 10x magnifying eyepiece and, thanks to its intense detail, you'll be able to explore the universe by simply lifting your wrist.

The Celestial line of watches tend to come out in an updated version each year — this year's being a little slimmer and lighter — and only a few hundred are made annually. They go for $600.

Check out the gallery below for more views of the Astrodea Celestial Watch.

Via ThinkGeek