Astak Mentor tosses two e-book readers into digital book derby

As Amazon finally makes more Kindle e-book readers available to those eager to plunk down $400 to toss away old-timey paper-n-cardboard books, competitors are coming out of the woodwork. One of the two choices from Astek is the cheapest one yet, the $200 Astak Mentor. You get a lot for your two bills, including an MP3 player to distract you, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support to connect you, and a plethora of text formats to fulfill you.

Too bad you’ll need a stylus to select items on that puny 5-inch screen. If that limited expanse of E Ink is enough, Astak also offers a 9.7-inch model (pictured above) that creeps up into Kindle/Sony Reader price territory, around $350. Both have pretty basic design, but we like the whole E Ink idea, looking forward to the day it can display in color and roll up into a tiny scroll. Until then, telling you to pick up one of these Mentors might be good advice.

Astak, via Uber Review