AI Robotics hoax claims robot is 'Perfect Woman'

More a statement of loneliness and misogyny than a real product, the “Perfect Woman” publicity stunt is in full swing, claiming a planned release of its first model on June 11. Said to be able to go shopping, clean up the house, cook dinner, give you a massage and understand you, this “perfect” woman is allegedly the product of two robotics students at Kobe University in Japan.

According to the hype accompanying the launch, the blonde, brunette and redhead robots use “a technology called RKS, ‘Recognition Krax System,’ which allows for vocal, tactile and visual recognition.” They can even “satisfy your desires in the bedroom.” We’re still scratching our heads, wondering what the purpose of this art project really is. At least they could have gotten a model for their videos that didn’t sweat so much.

Hit Continue for the video of this “woman” who’s obviously far from perfect.

AI Robotics, via Ubergizmo