220mph California Bullet Train on the way

If the innovators at the California High-Speed Rail Authority have their way, you might be able to hop on a bullet train that can zip from San Francisco to Los Angeles in just under 2.5 hours by 2030. The 220mph speedster just got the thumbs up from the state’s tough environmental impact assessors, and now the challenge is getting a hold of the $9.95 billion to build it. That huge wad of cash will be voted on by Californians with a bond issue on the ballot for this November’s election.

Too bad it’s going to take until 2030 to get this monster built. And that 220mph speed is nowhere near the world's fastest, much slower than the existing 357.2mph French high-speed trains, and even-faster Japanese bullet trains have already achieved.

But the plan is still ambitious, albeit belated. The trains will connect northern and southern California, from the state capitol in Sacramento, skimming the San Francisco Bay area, and speeding through the central part of the state down to L.A., and then roaring down to San Diego and back. The plan is to carry 117 million passengers a year by 2030. That ought to relieve highway congestion, at least a little. Next, let's build one coast-to-coast!

California High-Speed Rail Authority, via Gas 2.0