Zune fan designs all-in-one Xune 360 portable

Try as it may, it seems the Zune just can't match up to the iPod. Why not? Well, A.J. Kandy, creative director and prez of King Marketing, posits that Microsoft needs to stop simply following in Apple's footsteps with its MP3 player. The Xune 360 is his solution.

The Xune 360 plays up the strength of Microsoft's successful Xbox 360 console and takes after Sony's stylish Mylo media player. So what you've got is a dedicated gaming handheld that also plays music and other media with touches 360 gamers are used to, like shoulder and colored buttons, and a full, sliding keyboard underneath for texting and IMs.

I, for one, wouldn't mind seeing the Zune Marketplace take a hike in favor of Xbox LIVE, myself.

Xune, via Concept Phones, via SlipperyBrick