World's shiniest MP3 player: Hands on with the Samsung Pebble

Behold the S2 Pebble, Samsung's newest entry to the cheaper-than-iPod Shuffle MP3 player category. This player has a couple of things going for it. First, it's really, really shiny, and looks like it belongs in your mineral collection. Second, it costs $40. And it's the first Samsung MP3 player that's Mac- as well as PC-compatible (just drag and drop).

The S2 may look like a pebble, but it's about as heavy as a paper clip, and only sports 1GB of space for music. Its name is awfully close to the Zen Stone, one of its main competitors. The Stone may not be as shiny, but it has a display screen and internal speaker. The well-reviewed $35 Sansa Clip has similar advantages over the Pebble. Still, when it comes to gloss, those players have nothing on this shiny, shiny new gadget.