Wall-mounted nose makes everything smell better

Does your air freshener look too conventional? Just sitting there on the wall, slowly dispensing its fragrance, never getting noticed? That's not what a fun-loving rebel like you wants. No, you want Noseroma "exhaler" — a powerful wall-mounted scent emitter shaped like, uh, a nose. Yeah, your wall will look like it can smell, but it's your sniffer that gets treated to the fragrances from the commercial-strength emission system inside. Even better, you don't need to plug it in since it runs on D batteries.

The Noseroma comes in comes in five colors, from red to plaid (!). Want the industrial power but not the nasal décor? A "no-nose" version mounts the emitter in a regular ol' box for you muggles. Either way, you'll need to change the aroma gel pack every six weeks or so. Designed by Gene Van Praag, the Noseroma doesn't appear to be available yet, but we'll let you know as soon as we pick up the scent.

Via Generate Pipeline