Vices of the Week: Prelude to Earth Week

Next week be ready for NBC Universal's Earth Week, and San Fransican Steven Leckart's reports made entirely off the grid.

Looking back at this week, we saw some awesome tech that got you talking: amazing music software that can manipulate groups of chords, scientists shooting thunderclouds with lasers, and a cabin cycle that's pretty much one of the Tron virtual cycles made real. Also, be sure to check out the top 10 tube amplifiers for your iPod and Blockbuster's plans to stream movies on your TV. Meanwhile, head on over to Shift, where Stewart Wolpin shows why the US cell phone companies are simply un-American.

Chime in on some of the top stories from this week:
OLED breakthrough might mean luminous wallpaper is on the way
Imagine entire rooms lit more evenly by the wallpaper.

BedFan keeps things moving between the sheets
Who says covers have to keep you warm?

Audi Snook, the one-wheeled car with a brain
Comment by AlexMCC: "It's a cool idea, but i don't think the general population is going to be ready for this quite yet."

Guy invents moped that runs on fresh air
And that's some pretty refreshing news.

Driver wanted for jet car: must be young, fearless, good looking
Think you can hold it together at 800 mph?

Fumiaki Goto music table lets you binge and make beats simultaneously
Turn the family into a band at dinnertime.