UV Cards keep you from becoming a crispy critter

Summer’s coming, and you know what that means: lots of sun and fun, and skin burned to a crisp if you don’t watch out. Avoid all that discomfort and the dreaded “C” word with a UV Meter that helps you keep track of those potentially harmful rays. Here are the three smallest ultraviolet meters we’ve seen yet, the UV Card, the UV Thumb and their even more-compact cousin, the UV Mini.

The $11.50 UV card is kind enough to show you the ambient temperature as well as UV levels, the jackknife-style UV Thumb folds up for your convenience, while the UV Mini is so small you might easily lose it in the beach sand. Any might serve as a reminder that the sun, although a minor star in the grand scheme of things, is still worthy of our respect.

Gadget4all and Supplex, via Coolest Gadgets