Tospom combines the fun of catch, scrapbooking

Just when everyone thought the game of catch was one of the most exhilarating sports around, a company comes around and kicks it up a notch. The Tospom is a device that adds a new twist — it includes a digital camera and LCD display. When playing catch and you catch the ball, it'll take a picture and display it on the LCD screen. Given that balls are usually thrown hard and with a spin on them, I'd imagine this device might break pretty quickly.

Now if it had a 360-degree camera, then we'd have something, but no dice with this cheesy toy. But it does include a strange bracelet that, when held over the Tospom, scrolls back through older pictures, which is an interesting feature. Click through to see a video of the Tospom in action.

Tospom, via Gearfuse