SupaSlim Bug lets you listen in from afar

Looking to spy on your boss, kid, or ex-wife? Well, take a peeksy at the SupaSlim Bug. About the size of a credit card, you simply leave it in a place where you want to be able to hear what's going on. Later, when you suspect juicy action to be going on, you simply call it up and are able to listen in from afar.

Beyond the obvious moral questions this arises, the product isn't without its downsides. For one, you need to replace the battery after three hours of listening. That's not too bad an amount of battery life, but when you need to somehow crawl under your ex-wife's bed to do so, it starts to seem a little unreasonable. Also, if it's found, consider yourself in a heap of trouble. Not with the law, per se, but with whoever it was you were spying on. But hey, if you really want to bug someone's house, you can't do much better than this.

Spy Equipment UK, via