Stihl Yard Boss: my zombie apocalypse weapon of choice

Say hello to the Stihl Yard Boss and goodbye to whatever's on the other end.

The Yard Boss comes standard with a pick tine cultivator that'll aerate and shred the frail bodies of the living dead, loosening up their flesh so you can get to all those vulnerable vitals beneath. It also has the option to mount a bolo tine, which is like two flattened claws that rotate into each other — awesome for snipping off grasping limbs or a zombie's drooling noggin.

It's also lightweight enough that you'll be able to hoist it up to head-level without too much effort, though you can mount a weight kit on it in case you need it to thrash a little deeper in.

Oh yeah, it does yards, too. Get yours now for $330, or wait until zombies render currency worthless.

Stihl USA, via Uncrate