Space-Efficient Vehicle design concept, ready for $5-a-gallon gas

Want to save gas? Pack yourself into a tiny and lightweight car like this Space-Efficient Vehicle (SEV) designed by Ralph Panhuyzen and Steven van der Veen. It was another finalist in the 2008 Michelin Design Challenge, whose cars were shown off at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. This one’s so small, you can fit two of these babies into one parking space. Looks a bit like the Trev, or the Hybrid Tryke, don't you think?

The designers of this concept car hope to save fuel by virtue of the SEV's puny stature, and it looks like it would be ripe for some plug-in electro-tech under the hood, too. Its tri-wheeled design trims off a few inches, while keeping the occupants relatively comfortable with a staggered seating arrangement that reminds us of those new economy-class seats coming up on Delta Air Lines. Neat car.

Via Tuvie