Space Invaders 30th Anniversary offers online fun and offline migraine

Japan's Taito corporation is going all out to promote the 30th anniversary of the classic arcade game Space Invaders. Teaming with Yahoo Japan, Taito set up a page on the Internet where anyone can play the old school game without popping in a quarter or flashing a credit card here (warning: just like the old days, the online version is quite addictive).

In addition to the online game Taito also announced Space Invaders Extreme, a game so violently kaleidoscopic and chaotic that it can only be described as some game programmer's bad acid trip after a marathon week of watching para para dance videos in some cramped Shibuya capsule hotel. Get your barf bag and check a sample video of the game here. The game will be available for the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS in June.

Via EarthTimes