SOLo Lounge Table: green just got red hot

Instructions: Read this in the deepest, slowest voice you can. Italicized words should be pronounced with extra sexy.

"Hey baby, you hear 'bout the hot new trend this week? Goin' green. That's right, and nothing's greener than my SOL-oh Lounge Table by design house Intelligent Forms Design. It's got a bed of solar panels up on top that'll generate 17 kilowatts of power each year if the conditions are just right — and just right means letting it soak up some sun." Bow chika bow wow.

A desk for the outdoors? Yep. It's perfect for a backyard or open air office. The SOLo lets you know how charged it is either by a peek at its LCD or by having it communicate its readings to your computer via integrated Bluetooth. You can plug your gadgets in to charge them with the SOLo, using less electricity from the grid and more clean, renewable solar energy. Before you get your hopes up, it may be expensive. Evidence: it's recommended for the outdoors, exposed interiors and cruise ships.

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"Who wants a body massage?"

Intelligent Forms Design, via Ecofriend
(Mr. Body Massage Machine via Fensler Film)