Solar Breeze Pool Skimmer won't seduce your wife (maybe)

Spring is here. For most of us, that means shorts and sunglasses. For anyone with a pool, however, it's time to bust out the skimming net and get to work clearing leaves from the water's surface.

The Solar Breeze Pool Skimmer will roam around your pool, leaving a clear surface in its wake. The best part apart it — it uses solar power so it doesn't need to be plugged in or require you to keep feeding it batteries. It won't be able to handle larger flotsam such as a discarded cup, but at least you'll be able to spend less time cleaning the pool and more time enjoying it.

It may not be any less expensive than your pool boy at $450, but your wife won't be batting her eyelashes at it over her sunglasses. Unless, like us, she loves green tech.

Via Solar Breeze Direct