Skymeter, the spy in the sky that could help save the planet

If you were a city planner, what would you do about traffic congestion? Skymeter has an idea that might not be too popular with a lot of drivers: Charge people for the amount their cars pollute the environment. Using a combination of GPS units in cars and satellites, and lots of sophisticated billing technology, the company keeps track of your usage and helps insurance companies and city officials decide what to charge you for your filthy, energy-wasting ways.

Sure, it sounds draconian, but why not keep track of cars via satellite and charge them tolls according to their usage, rather than dealing with all those annoying toll booths that waste time, gasoline and create further traffic jams? Plus, the company could let your city charge lower tolls for driving at off-peak hours. Those same satellites can help rid us of parking meters, monitoring where people are parked, and then charging them according to time and location there, too.

Sounds like this idea might be met with considerable resistance, but maybe it could convince people to drive less or carpool. It seems like a fairer idea than that recently shelved plan to charge an entry fee into large cities like New York.

Via Skymeter