Self-stirring tea glass helps automate personal tea ceremonies

We the Brits were crazy about tea, but some French aficionados are giving them a run for their money. Two young French designers have created a self-stirring teacup. It's a glass, actually, and it has a ceramic ball at the bottom that mixes around and mixes the tea as you lift the cup or swirl it gently. The base of the glass protrudes enough so that when you lift the glass to drink, the ball never falls out and hits you in the teeth.

Cute idea guys, but we have a couple of suggestions. First, make a disposable version. The real waste when it comes to tea stirring has to do with plastic spoons and wooden sticks at places like Starbucks. Second, if you were as into tea as the Brits, you'd know that tea tastes far better when you drink it from a porcelain cup, not a glass. Maybe the next prototype should be ceramic, with a glass mixing ball.

Daily Mail, via Gizmodo