Seiko Slimstick won't let you cheat during your exercise routine

Pedometers that count the number of steps you take have been around for decades, but how do you translate that figure into what's needed to burn off that last Double Beef Whopper with Cheese? Seiko has come up with an answer in the Slimstick, a device that measures all of the work you do as you go about your day. Rather than simply measuring the number of steps taken with no differentiation for walking or sprinting, the Slimstick uses sophisticated dual-axis accelerometers to measure the actual amount of work done, and with that information it calculates the number of calories burned. It also stores information about your routine, and show how you are progressing over time. Not bad for something about the size of a pack of gum.

The Slimstick is available in several designer colors and finishes for around $60-70, but is currently available only in Japan., via Technabob