Secret Eyes uses feminine wiles and digital tech to catch cheating husbands

Behold what modern, cheap spy tech hath wrought: Secret Eyes is a service specifically set up to ensnare cheating guys, sending a “female decoy” to “test your boyfriend or husband to demonstrate his faithfulness.” For between $795 and $1995, depending on “level of involvement,” a sultry temptress will stalk and entrap whomever you specify. That decoy will digitally record the goings-on, and even let you witness the encounter yourself, catching that tomcatting mate red-handed. Or something like that.

This Secret Eyes service doesn’t even seem real, or even possible. At the least, it would be dangerous for the decoy. With all the spying devices readily available, you could do a lot of this eavesdropping yourself for a lot less money. If this is indeed legit, how would they do it?

Well, it would be easy to plant a spy camera disguised as a innocent alarm clock in that hotel room where the decoy agrees to meet her mark. If you hire one of these spy/stalkers, you could help things along by giving your philandering spouse a new Nokia N95 Spy Phone to record all his conversations. Or the Secret Eye could have one of these tiny pen-cams on hand. But if you’re on the receiving end of such shenanigans, you could fight back with these countermeasures.

Jeez, relationships are getting complicated.

Via Secret Eyes