Remote-control paintball turret will make you king of the neighborhood

Are you looking to seriously terrorize the kids at the elementary school across the street when school gets out? Have I got the tool for that job. This remote-controlled paintball turret will allow you to peg those pesky kids from afar without getting your hands dirty.

This bad boy has a camera on top, allowing you to take aim from afar via the video screen on the remote control. The $1,959 setup comes with the turret, the tripod, CO2 tanks, a color video camera with transmitter, and a wireless remote with a 3.5-inch monitor built in. It's amazing, something that would be perfect for not only setting in front of schools but also ruining Halloween for neighborhood kids or really any situation where you want to peg the weak and helpless with flying balls of paint.

Product Page, via Technabob