RED hypes SCARLET, tiny high-rez hotshot camcorder

The big NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) convention’s exhibits open today in Las Vegas, and the RED Digital Cinema Camera Company is showing off SCARLET, its newest and smallest camcorder. Using tech from RED’s much-vaunted RED ONE camcorder that shoots in ultra-high 4K resolution for about a fifth the cost of competing cameras, this one’s shooting at 3K rez onto dual compact flash memory cards.

Pros will like this versatile little tyke, able to shoot at frame rates from 1-120 frames per second, with bursts to 180fps. It’ll be complete with an 8x zoom lens and 4.8-inch LCD viewscreen, too. While the company’s saying it’ll be available in 2009, it’s not talking price — but rumor has this hot pocketcam costing around $3000.

The company also touted two other upcoming products:

A follow-on to its 4K RED ONE camcorder shipped last year is the next step, the even higher-rez RED EPIC. This 5K digital cinema camera weighs just 6 pounds, and is also due on the market in about a year.

Here’s RED’s playback unit, dubbed RED RAY, which will be able to play back extremely high-resolution files created by the company’s products. In addition to playing “RED discs,” it can also handle the native video files the company's products record to compact flash cards. This one will also reportedly be available in early 2009.

How high is this resolution, anyway? This chart will give you a good idea:

Via RED Digital Camera Company