Quadruple-Neck monster requires true guitar hero to play it

This has got to be a first. The Quadruple-Neck Guitar has now exploded on the scene, but the problem now is, who the heck will be able to do it justice? Contrary to the fake, musical-talent-free Guitar Hero paradigm, this ax requires quadruple skill, demanding that you have proficiency in the intricacies of playing a bluegrass band full of real instruments, including a guitar, bass, mandolin and banjo all in one.

One of these beasts was sold on eBay earlier this month for $255, an unusually low price even when combined with its huge $134.98 shipping tariff. Just the novelty value of hoisting one of these mothers onstage would be worth that much. Heck, just re-stringing the thing will cost you a fortune. Outrageous. If you can really play this baby — and I mean all of it — you’re my hero.

eBay, via The Presurfer