Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt goes from April Fool's Day joke to reality

The merry denizens of gadget store Think Geek were just kidding when they posted a pic of this Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt on April 1st. Accompanied by a few fitting paragraphs of April Fool’s blather, it was all in good fun but by no means real. Then a boatload of positive email came pouring in, begging the Geeksters to actually manufacture such a shirt that has a working loudspeaker built into the front.

Think Geek, ever aiming to please, caved in and agreed to create the shirt. We just can’t imagine who would want such a thing, or how anyone unfortunate enough to be around such a noisemaker would react. But hey, some people were apparently amused enough to be willing to plunk down $39.99 to wear a boom box on their chests. It’s going to be a real product. So what do you know? Something productive actually resulted from our most obnoxious and absurd of holidays. Glory be.

Think Geek, via Neatorama