Outlaw chair: This furniture will kick your ass

Are you a badass? A real badass? Then you probably have no need for the Outlaw chair. I mean, anyone who would get himself a Victorian chair tricked out with jewels, studded leather, and what looks like a puma skull on the frame is probably compensating for something.

The brainchild of Ted Nemeth, the Outlaw is carved from solid mahogany, painted black, then covered with some seriously disturbing stuff, including images of a pair of pistols and the words "F--- off" embossed on the leather. Then there's the footstool, which has a pair of working speakers built in. I hope it includes a grille.

Apparently the Outlaw also comes in white. That seems incongruous to me, unless it were covered in more stoic imagery and called a 'Lawman.'

Via Ted Nemeth Designs