Opera earbuds make your iPod wireless, Kleerly

You may remember Kleer, the wireless technology that boasts better specs than Bluetooth, at least as far as audio quality is concerned. It's only appeared in a few products (most notably RCA's JetStream player), but today Kleer's catalog adds one more: a pair of earbuds called Opera.

Made by Korean "company" DigiFi, the Opera is a headset that wraps around the back of your head — the 'buds are still tethered together, but there's no cord going from your ears to your iPod. Instead, you plug a Kleer wireless transmitter into your player's headphone jack and you're good to go. In fact, up to four people, each with Kleer earbuds, can tune into the same transmitter. The price of all this cable-free rocking: $98 for one kit (earbuds and transmitter).

That's still a tad higher than I suspect most people will pay for headphones, but this could be just what Kleer needs: An reasonably affordable way for people to make their iPods wireless — as opposed to some kind of wireless iPod alternative or a pair of high-end 'buds. If you hate headphone cords and care about sound quality, look for the Opera when it's released worldwide in June.

Via Kleer