Nikon introduces compact super-telephoto point and shoot for stealth zooming

Today Nikon introduced the P80, a new and larger addition to its line of Coolpix point and shoot cameras. The company is calling the P80 the "most compact super-telephoto camera" on the market, compared to other models out there with 18x zooms. The P80 has a few other selling points— its continuous shooting mode that ranges from 13-30 frames per second, optical image stabilization, and an auto ISO that ranges to 6400 (if you shoot at 3 megapixels instead of 10.1).

Of course, an 18x zoom is old news to some companies: Olympus's version of this concept came out last month with a 20x zoom. It costs but costs $100 more than the Nikon, however, which will hit stores later this month and cost $400.

Nikon, via Engadget