My Little Cyborg... Pony: Halo fan horses around

Of all the ways to pay homage to Earth's savior in Bungie's Halo series, turning the Master Chief into a pony is by far one of the oddest. Cobbled together by a lass known as AnimeAmy, the Chief won her second place in a Custom Pony contest held in Kentucky. The miniature is made with Apoxie sculpting clay, includes a hand-sculpted assault rifle and was going for almost $60 last time we peeked.

Custom Ponies have become something of a craze, with a fanbase all of its own that seems independent of those who enjoy the original My Little Pony. AnimeAmy has more than just Master Chief on her mantle, she's made several other iconic video game and anime characters into ponies, such as the not-so-fearsome-now Sephiroth and the vampiric pony, Alucard.

My Little Master Chief, via AnimeAmy, via Rocketboom