Music Mug portable speaker: Just add iPod

"Disguise" isn't typically the No. 1 reason you buy a portable iPod speaker, but if you're looking for a speaker that doesn't advertise itself, the Music Mug fits the bill. Operation couldn't be easier: Plug the cable into your player's headphone minijack (any player will do, not just iPods), plunk the player inside the ceramic mug for easy carrying, and get rockin'.

Big bummer: You can't actually put coffee in it, so you won't have much use for the Music Mug when you're not in a listening mood. And what do you do when you want coffee and tunes? A mug in each hand? That could get confusing — possibly leading to chipped teeth when you try to gulp some mochaccino and get a mouthful of Nano instead.

Designed by Masato Tokuno, the Music Mug costs $69.

Via Generate